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Boise, Idaho

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  Results Size Employees
Idaho - All
2017 6th Medium 70 70
2016 HM Small 65 65
2015 HM Small 71 71
2014 HM Small 77 77
2013 10th Small 66 66
2012 9th Small 66 66
2011 3rd Small 70 70
2010 5th Small 61 61
2009 1st Small 69 69
2008 1st Small 64 64

Our company culture is a reflection of a work-hard, play-hard mindset. At times we have to work 40-50 hours a week just to grind out a project, but we'll balance it out with a Ping-Pong tournament later in the month.

In a time where commercial real estate has been rocky (2009-2013) we were able to retain and recruit some amazing people and turn their talents into a true competitive advantage. Our turnover is an industry-low, because people genuinely enjoy working here.

Recently an Assistant had their in-law pass away. Sure enough, 6 fellow co-workers attended the service, including 3 members of management! When an employee's spouse was diagnosed with cancer, we provided them with weeks of donated PTO so she could travel and focus on much more important things than work. In addition, we coordinated a surprise dinner/movie family date and an escape to the cabin of ours so they could bond as a family.

Sometimes work-life balance is a moot talking point. Here at TOK, we back that up. We provide traveling awards, fun games and prizes, quarterly luncheons, monthly company updates, and we have a very family-friendly work culture. TOK's the best!

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