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Hawley Troxell LLP


Boise, Idaho

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Idaho - All
2017 HM Medium 58 58
2016 HM Small 63 63
2015 HM Small 52 52
2014 HM Small 46 46
2013 HM Small 49 49

HT also provides: *on-site yoga *gym membership reimbursement *concierge dry cleaning service *parking allowance *2 big employee events each year: 1 for EE's and Families in the summer where we reserve Zoo Boise for staff and family, and 1 during the holiday season for employees and significant others. *On-site Wellness screenings paid for by the firm *On-site flu shots paid for by the firm *Company provided Health Reimbursement Account for employees on the health plan which provides $500/$1000/$1500 per year to a maximum of $2500/$5000 (depending on coverage) *$500 first dollar benefits paid for wellness exams, immunizations, etc. *Quarterly "Happy Hour" events for staff *$250 Wellness incentive paid into HRA account by the firm for maintaining wellness scores *Quarterly lunch and learns focusing on health issues *Employee Appreciation Week (not just one day - we do 5 days)

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