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Salt Lake City, Utah

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Idaho - All
2018 HM Medium 55 55
2010 8th Large 60 60

We are dedicated to helping our students graduate and get a much better job sooner. We focus on educating people for rewarding careers and enriching lives. Our goal is for students to achieve success in career-oriented programs and enhance their skills in critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and using technology culminating in satisfactory career placement or advancement in current employment. To fulfill this goal, the Institution will:

  1. Provide a solid foundation of specific competencies that will enable students to acquire the skills required in their chosen occupation.

  2. Provide students with education and knowledge to become competent members of their communities, enabling them to appreciate and successfully cope with the human relations problems encountered in the workplace.

  3. Provide programs that include a variety of skills that will bring students to a fuller realization of the world in which they live and work, so that they will be capable of achieving a satisfactory and rewarding career and lifestyle.

  4. Serve as a leader of higher education in each of our communities by incorporating suggestions and recommendations from knowledgeable representatives of the programs offered.

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