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Meridian, ID

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  Results Size Employees
Idaho - All
2017 1st Medium 77 77
2016 5th Small 68 68
2015 5th Small 62 62
2014 4th Small 58 58
2013 6th Small 45 45
2012 1st Small 37 37
2010 1st Small 48 48

See why CBH Homes is the 2017 Best Place to Work in Idaho for employers with 50 - 99 employees.

Here at CBH Homes, we've never been prouder. We've been building the dream for 25 years. We've supplied 480,000 jobs to trade partners. We've built homes for over 16,000 families. But most importantly, we've never been prouder of our amazing team. A company that started with one man has grown to be #1 in Idaho, 50th in the nation, and a standing belief that love wins everytime.

CBH Homes is a place where you can learn, grow, and truly fall in love with where you work. Yes, there are great benefits. Yes, the Christmas parties are off the chain. But CBH Homes is more than that. CBH Homes is a family.

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