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West Jordan, UT

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  Results Size Employees
Idaho - All
2018 3rd Large 134 1973
2017 5th Large 108 1724
2016 5th Large 103 1537
2015 8th Small 65 1400
2014 3rd Small 36 1350
2013 1st Small 36 1350

Our vision is that we help people achieve their financial dreams. In 2016, our employees were able to save our members millions of dollars in interest payments. Some members saved hundreds of dollars per month; others saved thousands over the life of their loans. We constantly share the stories of how we’re able to save members money on our Intranet.

Mountain America invests in technology and provides its employees with beautiful and functional work environments to encourage productivity. We have invested in ergonomic chairs and key boards, new and highly functional work stations, camera phones, dual monitors, remote access and a corporate office that is full of windows for natural light.

We have a strong sense of community and we love to give back. During the holidays, our branches pooled their funds to provide Christmas gifts and a lovely Christmas dinner to one of our members. She was a single mom with one-year old twin boys and she had mentioned that her plan was to purchase one gift that the boys could share. When she was presented with the gifts, she started to cry. She even went out to social media to share the story with her friends because she was touched that her financial institution would care enough about her to help.

It's this focus on members and employees that we believe make us a great place to work.

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