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2017 Profile

Treasure Valley Hospice


Nampa, Idaho

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  Results Size Employees
Idaho - All
2018 1st Small 34 34
2017 2nd Small 34 34
2016 2nd Small 31 31
2015 2nd Small 30 30
2014 2nd Small 30 30
2013 2nd Small 26 26

Culture is difficult to describe in yes/no type questions. Family friendly is something that is very important to our company. It is not unusual to have kids at our staff meeting or that someone has to leave early to make it a kids game, etc. Most of our employees wear teal by choice because it is our company color. Many staff participate in physical activities together. The company pays for 5 community events a year (for example...the dirty dash).

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Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

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Boise State University College of Idaho Idaho State University Lewis Clark State College University of Idaho