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Boise, Idaho

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  Results Size Employees
Idaho - All
2018 1st Micro 13 13
2017 7th Micro 14 14
2016 4th Micro 14 14
2015 9th Micro 18 18
2014 6th Micro 17 17
2013 5th Micro 14 15

We provide a key employee program that gives members a % of the sale of the company if it is sold. We invite team members to be involved in decisions that effect the company. We encourage flexibility and team sharing of work to learn and grow. Zenware provides an unlimited time off policy, and a 50% health club membership. We have profit sharing for all employees and a 5% referral bonus for any customer recommendation. We provide team lunch's once a month, more if people ask. Zenware also has awarded two sabbaticals for team members who have family out of the country and need and extended vacation.

Marketing Partners

Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

Cheer Leaders from Idaho Universities

Boise State University College of Idaho Idaho State University Lewis Clark State College University of Idaho