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Quest Groups LLC


Boise, Idaho

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Idaho - All
2017 9th Small 38 38
2016 HM Small 36 36
2015 4th Small 34 34
2014 1st Small 26 26

This is a workplace of passionate, dedicated people that care about the future of this company and the success of one another. The team structure that we have in place creates a culture that embraces joint participation and collective success. The successes of every employee are celebrated and supported by all.

The work hard, play hard mentality is implemented through an impressive rewards system that includes all expense paid trips around the world to a destination of choice as well as new vehicles, super bowl experience packages, golf tournaments and company Christmas parties for all employees and significant others in other cities like Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Team building activities are frequent and include experiences like floating the river, soccer, basketball and volleyball games, company lunches celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and attending motivational speeches by best selling authors.

We promote a culture of health and fitness, therefore every employee is offered a free gym membership. We are also given 1.5 hours for lunch so that we can exercise as well as eat lunch.

Our executive chef, Nick Dennis, is the former General Manager of Sun Valley resorts. He and his sous chef provide exemplary breakfast, snacks and lunch Monday through Friday for every employee. This employee benefit is one that has tremendous return on investment for our entire staff, as it improves their quality of life.

Work/life balance is also an important aspect of our organization. We get off work early on Wednesdays and Fridays and the office closes every year between Christmas Eve and New Years Day so that we may spend more time with our families.

The potential to be in the top 1% earning income bracket is available to everyone at Quest Groups. In addition, potential for upward growth, promotions, partnership and profit sharing is also realized. In conjunction with all the professional and financial accomplishments earned at Quest Groups, there is personal wellness achieved in this environment. It's an opportunity that the employees do not take for granted and that is reflected in our employee retention ratios.

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