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Boise, Idaho

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  Results Size Employees
Idaho - All
2017 4th Small 25 25
2016 HM Micro 19 19
2015 5th Micro 15 15
2014 10th Micro 12 12

We believe human communication continues to improve through the use of innovative technology solutions. Our mission is to provide best in class consulting, engineering, programming, integration, and service offerings, which in turn allow us to create these state of the art environments and capabilities for our customers.

We live and breathe in line with 6 core values: Vision, Expertise, Accountability, Teamwork, Creativity, and Fun.

We are proud to be building an organization that attracts great people. A place in which family, friends, and even industry partners say that if I had to pick an ideal place to work, it would be Neurilink. We are a slightly dysfunctional family, that breeds off the love and passion for what it is we create. Really cool environments!! Think Revenge of the Nerds.....but we prefer to be referred to as GEEKS!!

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Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

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Boise State University College of Idaho Idaho State University Lewis Clark State College University of Idaho