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Eagle, ID

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  Results Size Employees
Idaho - All
2017 1st Large 155 159
2016 1st Small 160 160
2015 1st Small 34 34

See why TSheets is the 2017 Best Place to Work in Idaho for employers with 100 - 249 employees.

Looking for a Silicon Valley-caliber tech company, with the quality of life only Idaho can offer? Consider joining the fastest growing tech company in Idaho, TSheets.

A time tracking and scheduling software for employees, TSheets is used in more than 100 countries, helping businesses more accurately manage one of their greatest expenses, labor.

With a tagline "we {heart} employees" every member of the TSheets team is passionate about helping businesses succeed and {heart} their employees by providing easy time tracking for accurate paychecks.

Based in Eagle, TSheets' offices are conveniently located along the Boise river, perfect for a mid-day run, fishing reprieve, or a scenic bike commute to and from work.

TSheet-ers enjoy annual family outings, (home brewed) craft beer on tap, ping pong and foosball breaks, top tier health benefits and gym access.

TSheets' core values are based on THE PBR (not just a cold beverage in these offices!):

T: Technology customers love; H: Healthy - work hard, play hard; E: Excellence - require if from yourself and your teammates

P: Players - attract and develop the best; B: Be First - innovate and win; R: Relentless - passionate about our customers’ and our company success

TSheets employees thrive on working hard and playing hard (yep, one of our core values) and are 100% focused in on making TSheets the #1 employee requested time tracker on the planet.

It's a fast-faced yet team-oriented work environment, #1 Best Place to Work in Idaho (Small Business category) in 2015, and rated #2 nationally for company cultures (by Entrepreneur.com) in 2015.

If you're interested in joining the fun yet high-octane work environment at TSheets (yes, we are hiring!), email your resume to careers@tsheets.com. You can expect to do the best work of your life — and even play a little sudden-death ping-pong while you're at it.

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