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Boise, Idaho

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2018 HM Medium 82 86
2017 10th Medium 85 89
2016 HM Small 84 88
2015 HM Small 82 85

All too often, companies preach the importance of culture, team-building, transparency and honesty in their mission statements and values, but-

At Icon, we believe culture, transparency and respect are more than just talking points. All too often, businesses will use these expressions as buzz words to lure in prospective employees but upon arrival, new hires experience a total sense of déjà vu, as they find themselves immersed in yet another organization bogged down with drama, closed-door executive meetings, secrecy and a feeling that if you aren’t looking out for yourself, no one else will.

That’s why Icon established five cultural values to guide the credit union’s mission in the community and its internal culture: integrity, enthusiasm, respect, leadership and drive. But we don’t just stop at saying the words. We study their meaning, regularly ask for employee feedback, recognize standout coworkers each month for carrying these values and, most importantly, neither an entry-level employee nor the CEO is exempt from adhering to them. Icon couples this philosophy with a strengths-based approach to optimizing each individual employee, helping every team member focus on what they do best rather than trying to force them into a box in their position.

From your first-week experience of “Coffee with Connie,” where you’re invited to an offsite, one-on-one meeting with our CEO, through your 30 or 40-year anniversary (the current record is 40 years and counting), transparency, openness and mutual respect define your employment with Icon. Every member of the executive team has an “open door” policy, though this phenomenon is better seen than heard at annual events like the executive lip sync battle at ICamp, Icon’s annual all-company camping retreat at the YMCA’s Y-Camp at Horsethief Reservoir, where employees have the opportunity to witness Icon’s CEO sing Frozen’s “Let It Go” in a princess gown, jump into an icy lake at 7 a.m. with Icon’s enigmatic and energetic Chief Lending Officer or hear Icon’s VP of Support Services shriek at the top of her lungs while swinging through the tops of the trees in the YMCA’s “big swing.” This flatter-than-normal organizational structure means you get one-on-one time with Icon’s executives whenever needed, boosting the rate of professional development at every position and strengthening our internal culture at the same time. It also makes for a fun work environment where everyone knows everyone else – combined with branch contests, chili cook-offs, holiday-themed parties and spirit week, it’s an environment built to make banking as fun as it can be!

When it comes to professional growth, Icon’s performance review system provides each new hire a clear understanding of expectations and opportunities to grow within the organization. All staff are greeted with a thorough training program and walked through what is necessary to ensure they are successful in their roles. With sufficient dedication and drive, all employees at all levels have the opportunity to follow this rigorous course of development and establish themselves as a leader, earn recognition within the company and earn a financial lift to go along with it. By enabling all employees to visualize their goals, identify how they can grow their role within Icon and find success and happiness in their careers, we ensure our members and the community will experience the elite level of service they expect and deserve. After all, a fulfilled, driven and happy team is a productive team. It’s not the cheapest or easiest way to run a company, but we believe it’s the best way to ensure a strong, healthy future for our employees, our members and the community. And with 65 years of growth, success and prosperity behind us, we believe our record speaks for itself!

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