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Larry H. Miller Subaru believes it is our responsibility to work with our community and support local organizations. Over the past five years we have annually supported the Boise Rescue Mission, the Idaho Humane Society and the Idaho Botanical Gardens with collective donations/sponsorships over $100,000. Annually, we hold the following events that often benefit these organizations or those like them: a pet-microchipping event for the community to get their pets microchipped for free, a coat drive for the Boise Rescue Mission and a day of service where all of our employees are encouraged to donate their time to a local organization.

To encourage our employees to be the best they can be, we offer many training programs including an Institute for General Manager Development, and Executive Fixed-Operations Business Academy and development classes for Finance and Credit Resource managers. In addition to these programs we also promote mentoring, job shadowing and cross-training to ensure our employees are gaining new experience whenever possible.

We believe that finding the right fit for our employees is key to our success. We’ve had several employees struggle in one area of our business and thrive when put into a different area. We look for great people then we do our best to put them in situations to be successful.

One of our main goals is to keep our employees happy and engaged with their co-workers and customers. We promote this by organizing team building activities such as weekly basketball games or movie/game nights, an annual chili cook-off contest and monthly birthday and work anniversary recognition. We also like to offer appreciation cash or gift cards to recognize good deeds and/or service.

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