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Who We Are neUdesign Architecture is a Meridian, Idaho firm of architects, designers, drafters and support staff doing projects all across the United States and abroad. The firm maintains an attention to detail and commitment to design quality that has created a growing list of repeat clients. There reside two components to noticeable success on projects: being focused on the process as the key element to life, and extracting the greatness out of our clients.

Our Philosophy At the core of neUdesign, our focus is to serve our client’s needs with the highest commitment of excellence – this process is in service to U! Design begins with the client’s dreams, the talent of our design team, and a blank slate. Good design is independent of style and is not born of whole cloth in the mind of the designer; it comes from dedication and close collaboration between client (U), architect, and builder.

As architects we are creators drawing from a wide range of tools, influences, and inspiration. We believe that a beautiful work of architecture emerges when these criteria are distilled down to the essentials. The work inevitably becomes a reflection of that input: creative, sensitive, and practical.

We are led by integrity to make our designs timeless. In a world that is ever changing, this is complicated. We carefully detail our buildings in a way that brings out the highest levels of flexibility, performance, and appreciation.

We're committed to providing a thorough and coherent design where every element works together like a symphony, from the scale of the building down to the bolt pattern on the railing. We believe that a high level of detail is absolutely necessary when creating a complete work of architecture.

We are passionate about high design. Our imaginations live in the world of the totally new and uncharted. Working outside of the traditional boundaries of design allows us to create progressive, contemporary architecture, but also to elevate your design above the status quo. What first begins as an idea in your mind, is extracted by our skilled team into our minds, eloquently manifested into a set of drawings, and collaboratively erected into that of a structure: forever altering each and every life that gets to experience their world passing through the doors that were first born of an idea… an idea first dreamed of by U!

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