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Established in 1991, Sloan Security Group, Inc. (SSG) is a unique Idaho family business story in that it started in forestry and went into fencing with the decline of logging and eventually evolved into an international leader in designing, building and maintaining critical high-security perimeter security systems. Based in Boise, Idaho, Sloan Security Group is owned and operated by brothers Greg, Brice, Collin, and Rusty Sloan.

SSG provides safe, effective, and reliable perimeter security solutions such as perimeter fencing, border fencing, automated access controls, high security barriers, "smart" fence systems, sub-lethal electrified systems, radar-based animal detection systems, and various intrusion detection systems.

In addition, Sloan Security Group has a full-service fabrication shop that provides custom metal pieces for national and international customers. Examples of their products include stainless steel architectural security bollard caps that are shipped around the world.

Recent physical security projects include delivering security entrance systems for US Embassies in Norway, Mauritania, Russia and the Netherlands, US-Mexico Border security projects, as well as physical security at correctional institutions, commercial and industrial facilities, data centers, FBI and military facilities, nuclear facilities, laboratories, etc.

Sloan prides itself on its safety record and its team mentality that extends to its customer commitment.

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