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Page One Power is a growing SEO firm in Boise, Idaho. We offer unique career opportunities for those specializing in writing, communications, research, and other technical skills. We are a large group of independent thinkers who come together to create tangible success for our clients in a realm that is ever-changing and complicated. Our work environment and transparent approach to operations are benefits that you typically would not see listed in a typical "benefits package" but are attractive to those who find us.

The work environment at Page One Power is blend of laid-back autonomy and deadline-driven deliverables. We trust our people. We teach the foundations of link building tactics and send employees on their own journey to discover their strengths and apply those foundations in a way that works best for them and leads to links for our clients. This environment in itself is a benefit to employees, but not something you see listed in a typical "benefits package."

Each month with have a company town hall meeting where everything is laid out for all employees to see. Whether it's our profitability for the month, money being spent on work space updates, client success stories, or employee recognition, everyone leaves this meeting knowing where we stand as a company and our culture is flourishing because of it. Over the years, our employees have asked for increasing transparency and we have found a way to provide it.

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