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What it is

The Best Places to Work in Idaho program is an annual, state-wide effort to

  • Identify employers of 10 or more people with superior work environments
  • Reward the employers we've found through publicity
  • Inform all employers of the best practices used to achieve superior work environments

The program is administered by a community of organizations dedicated to the betterment of the condition of employment.

The Program is powerful, unique, and composed of the elements shown below.

Confidential Workforce Survey
  • Independent, detailed workforce survey
  • Online
  • English or Spanish
Get an accurate and objective measurement of the opinions, attitudes, and beliefs of your workforce.
  • Winners
  • Honorees
Let current and prospective employees know how great you are and how much you care through unparalleled positive publicity to build your employer brand
Comparative Metrics
  • Top line results
  • Employee Suggestions
  • Strenths and Weaknesses
Find out what your employees are thinking and learn what they suggest your organization does to get better.

Recognition for excellent workforce satisfaction is based SOLELY on the feedback from their employees. Not all participating organizations qualify for recognition.

The Program has been operating since 2008 and has collected tens of thousands of workforce surveys and has helped hundreds of Idaho organizations improve workforce performance. A wide variety of organizations have participated including colleges, non-profits, governmental agencies, manufacturing firms, engineering firms, hospitals, software firms, legal firms, banks, credit unions and many others.

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Confidential Workforce Survey Options

The Program is built upon a confidential, independent, in-depth workforce survey created by POPULUS which measures several aspects of each employer's workplace from the employees' view. In addition, the survey collects employee suggestions for organizational improvement. POPULUS ensures the confidentiality of respondent identities so respondents can be candid in their responses.

Paper surveys are no longer supported. Due to the increasing cost to provide paper-based surveys, along with their significant lack of security and flexibility, Best Places to Work in Idaho participants now have an online option for all employees, regardless of whether they are wired at work or not.

Non-wired employees can still participate in the employee survey. Employees who do not have an employer-provided email account can still participate in the employee survey.

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Survey passwords are case sensitive and unique, assigned to specific people, and can only be used once. This increases the legitimacy of the survey, enables respondents to exit the survey and restart on the page they were on when they exited, and allows participating organizations to send.

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Recognition and Branding

Winners and Honorees receive unprecedented branding and recognition from our community of organizations. More...

  • At an award celebration hosted by the Best Places to Work in Idaho
  • On banners to be hung in the Career Centers of our University and College partners
  • Online at www.bestplacestoworkinidaho.com
  • Winner badge/logo you can display proudly on your website, in emails (limited only by your imagination)

The Best Places to Work in Idaho website (www.bestplacestoworkinidaho.com) is the top ranked Google result when searching for the "best place to work in Idaho". In the last twelve months, the website has served over 35,000 unique visitors.

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Employee Feedback

Your employees are your greatest strength when it comes to meaningful suggestions to improve your organization. Along with employee suggestions, you can also purchase reports created by POPULUS, using your own employee survey data, to highlight your organization's strenths and weaknesses. Finally, POPULUS will include recommended actions your organization can take in the next year to address those areas contributing most to future employee defection.

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Educational Options

Be sure to check out our new, ground-breaking Special Report.

How to Unleash Workforce Performance

Discover the key to unlocking the performance potential of your employees

This data-driven report lays out an easy to follow plan that will help your organization achieve the best results possible from participating in the Best Places to Work in Idaho program. This report is based on dozens of client interviews combined with an analysis of over 12,500 employee surveys from over 100 organizations across a 3 year period.

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Assistance Options

Expert help through analysis, recommendations, presentations, seminars, and consulting to maximize your effectiveness and efficiency helping to bring identify, communicate, and implement the highest payback interventions as quickly as possible.

Marketing Partners

Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

Cheer Leaders from Idaho Universities

Boise State University College of Idaho Idaho State University Lewis Clark State College University of Idaho